Laminate Flooring Installation Systems


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The planks have tongue and grooved edges on all 4 sides to secure the planks together. Today, most laminate floors use some sort of glueless locking system, often referred to as “clic” floors.  Glueless laminate floors can go almost anywhere in the home and are ideal for do-it-yourself projects.

The two main glueless locking systems either involve a tongue and groove that is reinforced from underneath by an aluminum, mechanical locking system or a tongue-and-groove glueless locking system built right into the middle core that allows the planks to snap or clic together during installation.

Some other laminate floors have a tongue that was pre-glued at the factory with a specially formulated, water-resistant glue. Once the tongue is moistened with a wet sponge it activates the glue and locks the planks together. Laminate floors are also offered that require specially formulated glue to be applied to the tongue and groove at the time of the installation to secure the planks to one another.

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